Current skin care routine (Vegan and cruelty free)

Skin care has always been something I have enjoyed. I think I started buying products at the age of eight or nine. While I can say that, it was not some fancy vegan or natural product. Clean & Clear and brands like that was my favorite. In the past three years, natural living has really impacted my life. I will never go back to the generic brands and or buy things that are animal tested. That is why I wanted to share my current vegan and cruelty free skin care routine. I do switch out my products almost every time it goes empty. I do this to prevent my skin from getting addicted to any sort of product. Also keep in mind that eating little or no animal products will have the best effect on getting your skin to your optimum. 

Dr. Bronner's magic soap

I guess you could say that this soap is loved by every natural and health concious in the world. Dr. Bronner's magic soap can be used as a body wash, face wash. In liquid form it could be used for clothing wash, shampoo and so much more. The ones that I have tried are the hemp and almond, rose and lavender. Every single one has been magnificent. Its 100% vegan, and cruelty free, fair trade and its contributing to amazing environmental causes. When I use this, I rub it onto my hands and skin using my hands, and at night I just a spin brush.

Eau roma water

This product from Lush has been one of my all time favorite for over a year now. This toner helps fight both redness and acne prone skin. It has lavender so it soothing on your skin and makes it super refreshed. 

Breath of fresh air

This is a really new product for me, is more of a simple toner. It contains seaweed, aloe vera and rose absolute. Something that helps really cleaning, calming, cleansing and revitalizing your skin from the inside out.


I am a huge oil fanatic. It is now over two years ago that I started using coconut oil as a makeup remover and summer moisturizer. Almond oil has been my go to day cream for quite a while. Almond oil in particular has benefits such as removing dark circles and treats excema. It's naturally enriched with a high content of antioxidant vitamin. If you use it on a regular basis, it can protect your skin from oxidative stress and UV radiation damage and keeping you skin soft and supple.

A more indebted post about oils will be coming on the blog in a while.

Mask of magnanimity & Rosy cheeks

These two masks are my favorite hands down. Both serving different things. Mask og magnaminty is more of a mask and scrub in one. It feels super tingly and cleansing. The only thing I have to mention is that it's vegetarian. It contains a tiny bit of honey. I personally do not mind that, but its totally up for you to decide for yourself.

Rosy cheeks is for me a more calming mask. It smells super rosy, and it leaves my skin feeling super fresh and super calm. This mask help with calming you skin. It does not have a scrub texture to it, something that can be quite nice. Rosy cheeks is 100% vegan. 

(Photos by Martine)

(Photos by Martine)

Keep in mind that this routine does change over time, something that keeps my skin from not getting addicted or used to a certain product.

- Nora Marie