A guide to crystals

Many people don't believe in crystals, but if you pick up a crystal for a certain reason and you are reminded of that intention every time you see or touch it, a difference is already made. If you believe that crystals work, you can receive some gain form it. Having a crystal to back you up can make you feel more confident and better about yourself. You want to channel the belief that you are going to do better. Just believing in something can have a profound effect. Pick what you are drawn to. Every crystal is the conductor of a precise frequency. 


This crystal is known as the stone of opportunity, and it's boosting one's chances in any situation. It is said to be soothing for the body and mind, and benefit the areas of mental clarity and intellect. It gives a sense of calm and balance and enhances happiness. Aventurine has the color of pale green, almost turquoise and I bring it with me in my backpack or pocket wherever I go.


Carnelian has been one of my favorite crystals for a few years now and it's supposed to boost your creativity, individuality and courage. It's kind of a glassy stone and it has a nice, rusty, orange glow to it. I bring it to school every day to aid my memory, boost my motivation, and to improve my creativity skills. It's simply motivating the mindset.

Rose quartz

This little gem is known as the stone of the heart, and it was actually the first crystal I ever bought. Its feminine energy and gentle pink color attracted me, and I have loved it ever since. Keywords for this crystal is unconditional love, healing and affection. I often bring it with me when I meet new people, as it is a stone of comfort and peace, as well as love. 

Desert rose

This crystal is formed by water, wind and sand. It is the stone of the mind, and is used to quit worries and still the mind from distraction. The desert rose looks like it is consisting of hundreds of sand colored rose petals. I currantly have it on my night stand to give me a peaceful night and morning.


Amethyst is a calming stone which works in the emotional, spiritual and physical planes to promote calm, balance and contentment. It is used to eliminate impatience and to get rid of addictions. The crystal absorbs negative energy and has a lovely purple color. I keep it in my window frame so that the sun makes the crystal sparkle in all shades of purple every morning.