Reclaiming my period with Thinx

Sustainability, self-empowerment, and positive attitude towards menstruation... all blended together to be the ingenious brand of Thinx period underwear.

I was introduced to Thinx through a YouTube video in 2016. I was very intrigued. The concept of taking ownership of my period in a way so simple yet so powerful, by using more sustainable, waste-free products every month and being a quiet yet sound advocate for breaking the taboo of periods (such as being a helpless sufferer) was totally brilliant to me. I was hooked. I felt so excited and empowered when I wore my Thinx for the first time. I admit, I did joke it was a similar concept to wearing an adult diaper, though not at all in the appearance or how it felt. It was just such a wildly new experience, to not use a pad or tampon. As odd as it was to let myself bleed while wearing what felt like mere underwear, I knew I was protected and I must say, it was liberating. I became invested in this new world that would from then on be my period life... no more spending money on pads every month, much less waste produced, and less worry over what clothing to wear – as I wouldn’t be wearing a pad that would show anymore. As strange as it sounds, I actually started looking forward to my period so I could use my Thinx!

The variety of styles they provide is amazing! From full coverage for heaviest days (Hiphugger, Boyshort) to minimal material (Cheeky, Thong), they will all take care of you, providing comfort and coverage. There’s so many choices, you are bound to find your perfect fit. So far, I personally use Hiphugger, Sporty, and Cheeky. I always use the Hiphugger on the first couple days of my period (I have two pairs), as those are my heaviest days. I use Sport – quite comfortable and flexible – for the third day, and Cheeky for the last bit of the cycle, as they are most suited to light flow, yet still just as leak proof. I go all day wearing a pair with no leaks. The absorbent material soaks up really well, though I would say that if you have a heavy flow, by the end of the day you may expect to feel more moisture, but it really feels no different than wearing a pad. In my experience, I still wear a pad for sleeping. I always first wash them by hand at the end of the day, and within the next few days I’ll machine wash them in cold/warm water. The company advises to wash them in cold water, so I think the warm water has caused some slight fading of the material. But other than that, mine have not stained at all. The lacy material on the top edge of the Highugger have become a bit frayed. But this only started happening about three months ago and I’ve had them for approximately thirteen months, being used and washed every month. Apart from those little details, I honestly can’t say a bad word against them, they’re definitely some of my favourite things in my life now! For someone who has not had much luck with using menstrual cups (like me), this is quite a nice alternative. I absolutely love that I can wear underwear that make me feel sexy even on my period. Even during a time we can rely on feeling bloated, gasy, generally icky... it’s great that thanks to Thinx we can also rely on at least having undergarments that can put us to some ease while providing ultimate comfort and coverage. Honestly, there are days when I would like to wear my Thinx even when I’m not on my period! That’s how good I feel wearing them. Cause not only are they nicely shaped – flattering and comfortable – but even the silky fabric is lovely.

I feel a sense of dignity by not letting myself feel trapped in a patriarchal cage of pads and tampons, endlessly dishing out money to companies who are not at all connected to the women they make products for. That’s not to say that using those products are at all bad choices, but they aren’t exactly always comfortable and they certainly aren’t sustainable or eco- friendly. Thinx is such a unique brand, for they have people working to create products that will serve real women well, while also working to break the taboo of periods by enabling us to feel the best we can on our periods. I think they are totally changing the dialogue and stereotypes of menstruation – and may I be so bold as to say that I think this is actually a crucial step in a sort of revolution this world needs. Not just for females everywhere when it comes to periods, but on a bigger note, the world is in need of a revolution and in order for this to happen on a bigger scale, female empowerment is essential. Every time I wear Thinx, I feel empowered, confident, and comfortable. For not only am I totally supported in a practical way, but I am also supported by a group of people dedicated to work that serves females everywhere in the name of sustainability and period empowerment. I know I am always, by wearing them, reducing waste, taking charge of my period and therefore my womanhood.

So, while the product of Thinx may be simple, I think it is truly sustainable and revolutionary and I for one, am so grateful to Thinx, for they have truly helped me take charge of my period, and become more empowered about my menstruation. Whether or not you choose to use Thinx, my hope is that you find something that makes you feel comfortable, empowered and in control of your period. 

-Sarah Schnepf