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MICHAEL KVIUM: The state of white

In Stavanger, there is this contemporary art museum that offers free entrance. A friend and I went during some free periods we had at school, and we absolutely fell in love with the atmosphere and artwork. Their current exhibition is by Micheal Kvium and it's called The state of White.  Michael Kvium is a Danish-born artist with talents within the painting, illustrating and sculpting. His usual form of art is him creating grotesque realistic works, focusing on the dark side of life. 



Okay Kaya is a Norwegian singer and songwriter, now based in New York. You can check out her music on both soundcloud and spotify.

'DRYLANDS' by Rebecka Kann

"Somewhere on the road to San Louis Obispo as well as the city. We ended up being really late to our motel because we had problems with our car and we were stuck with this super beautiful view for like half an hour haha. The one with the benches is from Mission San Juan Baptista where the movie Vertigo was shot which is pretty cool."



Whenever I am not feeling inspired or productive, I always come back to her vlogs. 

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