How we introduce ourselves

I would not call this an article, but rather a reminder. For some, a mere reminder to stop constantly apologizing and for others maybe a suggestion to not let yourself feel worthless because of others. 

Take this for example: You meet someone new, you introduce yourself, and somehow you were able to dig yourself deeper into the mud than before you said hi. Why?

A few months ago, I came across this article (the writers' name is long forgotten) about how we introduce ourselves. Somehow it often leads to one feeling worse than before. Maybe the other person compliments you on your choice of garment, makeup or maybe your smile. However, funny enough we usually seem to reject the compliments, and start explaining why what they initially stated is wrong. 

Whether it's that our favorite pair of pants is in the wash, a pimple has taken its place on your forehead or our teeth aren't white enough. From a young age, social media and society in general teach us to always put everyone else before ourselves. To not take self-care and self-love seriously. Luckily my mother is not of that kind. She preaches the importance of self-care and knowing how much each of us as individuals are worth. 

As mentioned, this will not be an article, but an important reminder. We all need to stop filling our minds with thoughts regarding how "imperfect" we are. How did we end up at the point where we are now? We can't we just say thank you? Thank you so much. I do look great. 

From now on I want you to do just that. Instead of making the words vanish in an instant, let them linger on your tongue, and let yourself feel beautiful. Tell the other person how magnificent their hair is, or how empowering, and encouraging they are. At the end of the day, that is all anyone wants to hear. 

Two words - thank you.  

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