Creatives uniting: Summer Angel

The first set of pictures is of Damien and Stevie, the beach pictures. The theme of this set is a day dream love, Damien is very multi-dimensional in the sense that he dispels both masculine and feminine energy. In this set I captured in his favorite setting, the beach: despite him being a fire sign, his moon sign is of the water element which explains his gender fluid character. The set within the set is of him in the forrest with Stevie, my goal was to capture his innocent essence as she captures him in the Forrest. They compliment each others energy and facial aesthetic. These pictures represent a nostalgic time of love, happiness, and tenderness. ☟


This mini set is shot from a cinematic standpoint, where I captured my subject in a self evaluation process as he stares into the mirror— an intimate piece that is meant bring the viewer closer into his world & resonate with his process of self acceptance. ☟

 Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York

Sparking A Flame To Keep A Cold Heart Warm

I tend to go between New York and Miami looking for new faces, inspiration, and growth within photography. I don't promote cigarette smoking nor do I use it for aesthetic, HOWEVER, I like to capture the rawness of people- Humans don't always have the best habits, we're not perfect beings, but what is always perfect will be the hard cold truth. ☟

Location: Miami, Florida Art Basel 2017


Twist Pull Love is what I call an installation performance that I had the pleasure of capturing during Art Basel Weekend. I was able to grasp the moment, get up close and personal, with these two beautiful femmes as they undressed, unraveled, and danced the night away. What I truly love about this set are the angles of the photos and the abstract composition of it- the ambiguity of whats going on leaves the mind with an ample amount of space for imagination- bringing in the viewer and making them feel a part of the creative process. ☟


-Summer Angel