What makes you - you?

Good news! We are starting a new project that revolves around the big question 'who are you?'. As a community, we think it is important that your voices are heard, your stories told and to let the wildflower in you inspire others.  

Our idea is to create a video that focuses on just that, and we have some questions ready for you. NUET is meant to be an online platform that is celebrating uniqueness, creativity, self-expression and self-love. That is why we wanted to do this project - to feature some of the incredible people that makes up our little community. Send us your old home-videos, some video clips featuring some of your daily adventures, your room/space, morning routine etc, and a video where you answer the following questions to contact.nuet@gmail.com : 

What do you believe makes you…you? 

Who are you? Talk about the beauty that exists inside you, your interests, hobbies, and what in your life you think defines you; from your friends and a specific period in your life, to music that influences you… What is your fears and is there something that currently keep you up at night?

When do you feel most like yourself?

Is it in a field of flowers, in your bed at night, when wearing something specific? Why?

What is your story?

Talk a bit about where you live, your childhood, what you study, ever been in love etc…If you were to write an autobiography what would you write on the back of the book? What would you tell your younger self?

Remember to film horizontally. The deadline is the first of February 2018. Don't hesitate to reach out if you want more details :) As stated above, you can contact us at contact.nuet@gmail.com!