Creatives uniting: Freckles, body hair & comfort

This photo series is of a friend and past lover. all my photographs include people I’ve made genuine connections with. every series I’ve ever done was directly connected to color. when i meet someone, im immediately drawn to distinct features, whether it’s freckes, hair, eyes. I think about what colors would compliment them and what kind of setting would add that extra feeling. In this series particularly, i was with Torrey in his home (model pictured), I wanted to dress him in this blazer and brown plants and take him outside before I realized everything I could ever need was right there in his living room. I sat him down in brown leather chair, positioned him underneath the plant, made sure the lighting was correct, took a 6 shots & done. a beautiful outcome, full of green and brown tones, complimenting his hazel eyes, tan skin & brown hair.


Although this series contains 2 photographs, it has the most meaning to me. I took these photos to tell a story about body image and body hair. Growing up, girls around me grew very little body hair. I used to shave every crevice of my body until I came to the realization that I did not come into this world to please anyone. I had to ask myself, Am I shaving for me or for others comfort? 

Never being thin, never having a fit body. Not a day would go by that I didn’t look in the mirror and frown. Now I look at myself and applaud. I’ve finally reached self love and acceptance.

My favorite photo taken in 2017. This day was one of the hardest for my friend. his lover and best friend is with another. He can’t comprehend the pain when she finally leaves and Hailey (pictured to the left) grabs him to comfort his heart break. He holds her tight knowing if he lets go, he might lose all sense of living. He clings, she comforts. This photo is only a representation of heartbreak, friendship, care, and comfort.