In London

A visual diary including some thoughts which I scribbled down in my journal during my last (and short) stay in London last December.

29.12.17) Bedtime reading material: Flux by Orion Caloto. Sometimes I think I shouldn't read poetry at night. It makes me so melancholic.

27.12.17) Exploring Notting Hill in the cold weather. So many pretty houses with christmas wreaths adorning each and every forest green door. It was so much more quiet here in contrast to the buzz found among the crowds at Piccadilly Circus and at the underground.

28.12.17) Morning scenes from Kahalia Café in Shoreditch. A tiny gem with wooden tables and brick walls; working to empower women from vunerable backgrounds, through providing education, skills courses and mentoring. 

27.12.17) A moment of stillness. I took the wrong train hence the empty seats. 

27.12.17) Sleepy eyes the morning after taking the plane to England...

29.12.17) Friday afternoon, umbrellas and red buses. Things I overheard people saying while passing me: "Am I a good kisser?", "You're lucky you aren't going to prison", "I don't even know if I'm enjoying myself!"

28.12.17) A cup of coffee to gather some strength before heading to Camden. 

29.12.17) The Carnaby Christmas Carnival was so colorful and christmassy. 

29.12.17) A tree made entirely out of words, changing as each second passed. Another favorite of mine from the Victoria and Albert Museum of decorative arts.

29.12.17) Every day seemed to be more hectic than the other but London treated me well. Thanks for now xx

27.12.17) I woke up to the sound of rain and trains passing by. My view from the hotel window is a train station, grey industrial buildings and the top of London eye. Trains in various of colors pass by almost every minute, moving smoothly in a way that makes the city look like it is underwater. At this time of day, in this part of town, the trains seems to be the only things moving.

29.12.17) Last cup of coffee in London. Enjoyed at a teahouse near the Carnaby Christmas Carnival. I decided to sit outside although puffs of white air appeared every time I exhaled. I want to take in all the colors this place has to offer before leaving, and the combination of a cup of warm beverage between my fingers and the frosty air, is worth the red nose.

29.12.17) The V&A museum. Busts carved in marmor with veins and curly hair, the history of a wooden panel from Paris with scenes from Aesop's fables, sheer dresses from the 1600's and turquoise mosaic. I could spend an entire day here and still I would feel that I hadn't explored it all or seen enough. 

28.12.17) Brick Lanne Vintage Market: heaven on earth for the second hand lovers. I became the new proud owner of a pair of overalls. Hopefully I will get the opportunity to revisit this market and interview some of the people behind the different vintage clothing stalls. 

28.12.17) The streets of Shoreditch. I wish I could have spent more time here. I loved everything from the people I met to the street art. 

28.12.17) Discovered a vibrant and fuzzy fitting room at Rokit Vintage. I ended up buying a vintage beret for £5.

29.12.17) I stumbled across one of the coziest pubs in Britain purely by coincidence. Mulled wine left a sweet citrusy aftertaste in my mouth.

28.12.17) Watching people admire art is perhaps one of the most soothing things one can do. We always seem to be in such a hurry but once stepped inside of a museum, people are just naturally walking more slowly and taking moments to stand still - only focusing on one thing. I hope that never changes.

28.12.17) As we got off the tube, we were greeted by the most beautiful pink sunset which I managed to snap a photo of with my film camera as I crossed the road.