Dianna Lopez: defining my personal style

Hey :) 

My name's Dianna Lopez, I'm a singer/actress from NY and fashion is a huge part of my life. I've always loved to do my own thing, and wear what I wanted despite of what was in trend. If you ask my high school friends, while they were coming to class in Jordan's and true religion jeans, I came with my mom's blouse, a thrifted pair of jeans and some biker boots. I always felt like the one thing people couldn't control in my life was what I wore, so I made sure to take advantage of that (even if it meant going to the bathroom and switching my shirt when I got to school because my mom didn't know I was wearing her stuff).  In the early stages my individual style pushed people away from me and got me made fun of, but I didn't care. I used to always look at my mother's old photos and the way she dressed when she was younger; and her sense of style in the 80's eventually rubbed off on me.


When I got to college is when it started to become real. I met one of my best friends there, and we would amp each other up when it came to creating outfits. We'd go (and still do go) to the thrift store and find some jeans or big T shirts to eventually cut them up and make them into some crazy outfit. My specialty is super-crop tops, my friends always have me cut their shirts for them. Through out college we were known for "pulling looks" and always wearing what we wanted, doing our hair in different styles each week, and making chokers out of shoe laces. I took that college experience and brought it into my real life, and despite what anyone else says I wear what I feel like wearing at all times! 

Fashion has helped me overcome many insecurities, build my confidence, gain lifelong friends, and has helped me become more discoverable and open as an artist. As an artist, you have to be willing to try new things. I feel a sense of freedom while doing it. Freedom is something my heart aches for, so I guess it makes sense why I love playing around with what I wear so much; and the inspiration for it is never ending.