30 days of gratitude

There are many benefits of gratitude, from improved self-esteem to reduction of aggression. No matter who you are there are always a positive side and effect of practicing gratitude. It can help balancing out toxic emotions and boost well being. Making gratefulness a part of your every day life is not always easy, so I have come up with a 30 day gratitude challenge to get you started :)

1. Write down 3 things about the country you live in that makes you happy, it can be anything from the mango trees to health care. Just try to pinpoint a couple of things that brings you happiness.

2. Find your own 'gratitude mantra'. Whenever you think something negative today, try to repeat  those words to yourself.

3. Write about one of your favorite memories.

4. Be in nature and draw the first thing that sparks joy.

5. Make a list of reasons why you love one of your friends or family members, from small quirks to your favorite part of their personality.

6. What is your favorite piece of art? What feelings does it bring you?

7. Try to make a detailed list of reasons you are grateful to your body. You can be thankful for the ability to hear birds chirping in the morning and that your fingers can, with the help of a pencil, create art...

8. What are you grateful for having learned? Is there a certain subject that has interested you or a book that has changed you in any way?

9. Describe a feeling you treasure. Whether you love melancholia or happiness, try to describe the feeling in detail and why you enjoy it so much.

10. Write down three negative things in your life and make a list next to it with the positive aspects to the problems.

11. Think of your favorite place in the whole world and what makes it so wonderful.

12. Make a list of all the things that made today special and what you are especially grateful for today.

13. Write about something you did that you are proud of.

14. Express gratitude to at least two people today. For instance, you can tell a loved one that you are grateful to have them in your life or a friend why you are grateful for a certain memory you share.

15. Reflect on why you started this gratitude challenge and if it has made any impact on you yet?

16. What is making your life a little better in this moment? Is it a friend, a smoothie or the smell of rain?

17. Describe 3 things you like about your identity/personality.

18. Think of 4 things you like to do for fun, and put off some time to do one of them.

19. Write about your favorite possession. Is it a story behind it? What makes this item special?

20. List 4 things about your home that makes it feel like a home.

21. What is the first 5 thing that comes to mind when you have to think of something you are grateful for having in your life?

22. Write about what you like about the current season.

23. What is your favorite scent? Can it be traced back to a certain memory?

24. Which do you prefer and why; the mountains/woods/lakes/ocean/city/beach? 

25. Make a list of things you look forward to.

26. Think of 4 inventions you are especially grateful for.

27. Write about the opportunities you have had the last year.

28. What in your past are you grateful for?

29. Make a collage with photos, colors and quotes that you love.

30. Make a list of lessons you have learned.

Hope you enjoyed practicing a little gratitude every day and that it had a positive impact on you. You may not have noticed too much a difference now, but if you are aware of the importance of gratitude, you have already made a step in the right direction Xx