July favorites

Places to be


Nice, France

The beach 


Vintage scarfs

Winged eyeliner

Clary sage essential oil

I am currently in the process of using up my last "generic" perfume from The body shop and switching my scents over to something natural and safe for the environment and my health. Clary sage has been my favorite during the summer months. Although this is not your typical summer scent, it is so calming and has benefits such as soothing discomfort associated with the menstrual cycle, helps balance hormones, soothes nervous tension and it is calming and soothing on the skin. Another favorite has been vanillary from Lush. 


Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is a local band from our hometown Stavanger. Their music has an indie vibe, but they also remind me of David Bowie and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. 

Bronte Perkinson

The 16 years old girl from the northern beaches of NSW we were lucky enough to interview a few weeks ago on the site! U found her music couple of months ago and her songs have been on repeat ever since then. Her voice, lyrics will simply blow you away. She is truly something special!

Inspiring humans

Alli Cherry - @allitav // youtube

Her ig and youtube channel is all about minimalism, minimal waste and simply living a natural and sustainable life. 

Anya - @fleurilie // youtube // shop

She is an artist from America, her style, ethics, and art is truly special and wonderful.

Ulrikke Falch - @ulrikkefalch

Ulrikke is an actress from Norway, especially known for her role in the series Skam. She talks about self-love, rape, body image, women in the commercial industry and so much more. Such an inspiration.

Brooke Euloth - @beuloth

 Brooke Euloth is a vegan, minimalist, nature lover and such a sun beam. She makes youtube videos about thrifting, veganism, yoga, natural and holistic living and minimalism. She truly inspires me with every photo and video she shares on her social media.

Band on film - @Bandsonfilm

 I found this user via tumblr a few months ago. It is an account that documents the music scene in London using a 35mm film camera. What I love about this account is the aesthetic and vintage look of the photos, as well as I, get tons of amazing music recommendations. Some of the bands are famous, while other barely a few people have heard about! 

Well, another month is over, and those were a few of my favorite things during the month of July.