How to: Make your space more calming

A room can say almost everything about ones personality. What you are interested in, routines, favorite belongings and you favorite people. In my opinion having a clean space filled with your favorite belongings can have a major impact in your life. Here are four things I think every room/ house needs in order to feel calmer, cleaner and more like you.


Pants are an essential part of a room in my opinion. They purify the air and makes the room feel more alive and gives you a healthier environment to work and sleep in. In my space having plants is such a vital part, as it makes me feel more centered and productive. 

Himalaya salt lamp

This is a recent addition to my room, but the salt lamp has calming and soothing properties, it cleanses the air and gives of negative ions to stimulate the vibrations in the room. Not to mention in a dark room it gives of the most natural light, making it the perfect light before bed.


Even though its soon summer, having blankets in you room makes a whole lot of difference. They  makesthe room feel more comfortable and inviting.

Wall decorations

Hanging up band posters or old family photos plays a big role to making the room feel lived in and familiar to you. 

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