5 tips to stay inspired

Inspiration; it can feel hard to find, but it’s easy to come by. None of us pursuing a creative path, are strangers to road blocks and creative ruts. Head scratching, blank computer staring, nothingness. Here are some simple tips to bring you back to your creative vision when life’s distractions have lead you astray.

take a step back- try not to lose focus of the whole picture. take a step back and remember why it is you’re doing this in the first place. call on these simple questions in times of doubt; why are you creating? what will this do for you? what do you hope your work does for others? maybe the answer is simply because it makes you feel alive, and that’s as noble a reason as any.

get into nature- when is the last time you wandered around outside with no express purpose? this simple activity can help you to recenter and reset your creative mind. surround yourself with green, head out to the beach, romp in the dessert, scream on the mountain tops. get out.

reduce consumption- we are so deeply immersed in a culture of consumption, it can be hard for us to let our creative minds wander without the heavy handed influence of others. take a social media break, turn off the TV, step away from your laptop. turn into yourself, channel the energy usually spent on taking in information and focus on your own creative capacity.

readjust your focus- don’t back yourself into a creative corner. let your mind explore and drift away. try to escape the pressure of creating under expectation, allow yourself to make mistakes and take indirect routes. do not feel limited by a singular approach, allow yourself to release your creative flow in whatever way it choses to express itself.

take notes- whenever I’m inspired, I try to jot down whatever it is that brought me that feeling. even if it was just a simple word, a phrase, a place. take notes often. keep a notebook, dictate your notes in the car while your driving. save all of those creative tidbits someplace safe for you to return to when you’re feeling uninspired.


***This post was created in collaboration with The Velvet Drifters x Kalonazure, for more tips and a new perspective, head over to The Velvet Drifters to hear what Nora and Martine from Kalonazure has to say, and to find many other hidden gems, bits and bobs.

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