Martine: dream space

Oh my, where do I even begin?

Everyone who knows me properly knows about my obsession with France, which is basically my second home, considering the fact that I visit the country almost every year. It is something about the charming yet elegant atmosphere that makes it such a lovely destination. I was only 8 years old when I first told my mother that I wanted to live in France, I also added that I wanted to own an organic strawberry farm there, although I did not fully understand what the word 'organic' implied at the time. I might not dream about a strawberry farm anymore, although it would be awesome, but I still know that a part of me belongs to France. The history, art and culture, and not to mention Paris. Positano in Italy is also a wonderful city that I would love to live in at some point of my life, but again there are so many beautiful places that I would love to live.

But regardless of destination, my dream home has a few requirements. I think I long more for a certain atmosphere and feeling rather than certain objects. But I guess that my fantasy of having a french balcony, big open windows, warm colors, cute trinkets from my travels, plants everywhere and a porcelain bathtub would be amazing if it would become reality. A girl can dream, right? Anyways, here is a collection of what my dreams are made of. Hope you feel inspired and thank you to Jeanne Damas, Isabella Mente, Orion Vanessa and Jemma Finch for always showering me with dreaminess and beauty.