Writing challenge #2

The last writing challenge got a lot positive feedback, so why not make another one? In our last challenge we focused more on creating smaller pieces of writing, so this time I thought we could try something a bit more challenging and write a bit more comprehensive pieces. In the next ten days you will be writing about everything from future plans and poems about your parents to who you truly are at your core. If want to share the result of your writing, don't hesitate to email us at kalonazure@gmail.com or message us via ig! We always love to see what you guys create. 

Let the ten days begin: 

- Write about where you hope to be in 5 years. Include every detail such as where you live, work, what your house looks like and how you feel inside. 

- Create a poem about your feelings towards your parents. 

- Write a letter to a stranger about who you are. Find a person on ig and message them if you can't send them the letter. Make some new friends!

- Start your page with: Who am I? You can write using key words, make an article or print out photos and stick them on the page and write something under. 

- Write a small poem without thinking. When you are finished, take word by word and search for another synonym for them. Not only will this make your work better, but also expand your vocabulary.

- What makes you stand out? Is it your personality, your style, your dreams? 

- Is there something holding you back from living your dream? If so, how can you change that and overcome those obstacles?

- What/who have you been missing lately? 

- Elaborate on this: You are writing a book. What is it about? What are the main characters called? How is your book different from other books? Who is the book ment for?

- Why do you like writing? Does it make you feel in control, centered or do you do it as an escape? 

-Journal pages and collages by Chlo-