Love, heartbreak and the truth

My Name is Paul Mühlbach and I got inspired to share some of the art I wrote over the last months. I am 16, graduating from high school next year, from Berlin and I went through a breakup the last 6 months. My boyfriend and the first love if you want to call it this way. Broke up with me last year December 30th. I had loved him since I was 13 and we were a couple for a year. By falling in love with him I came to terms with my sexuality and the whole relationship we had meant a lot to me. It took me multiple drunk calls, ugly crying and dating other people as a quick fix to get over him. Am I really? I think so but maybe you never truly are over the person you'd wanted to take to the altar(I was 14, I was a child okay). During the last months of recovery I wrote this poem/ spoken world while I started to date another guy because I found out my ex had started to see somebody else that was completely the opposite of me. I wrote this to myself and in the end me and the other guy didn't end up in a relationship because I was not ready but we still bonded because we got drunk together and I cried in his arms about my aching heart. So a few months later I feel good about myself and I am thankful for the experiences I made and lessons I learned in this time. I screenshoted my spoken words and I feel like sharing that raw piece of emotions I felt during that particular time in my life with you guys.

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