Lonely people in lonely places

Elsa Burgos is a 20 year old girl who grew up by the sea. She spends her time with friends, making collages, writing poetry and shooting film. When she reached out to us, we thought that her work was incredible and we just could not wait to share it with you. Get ready to have a look at some exclusive and wonderful work created by Elsa.

Lonely people in lonely places. 

I wander hotel hallways alone, taking weird pictures and drinking the coffee that already went cold and feels like the hotel is empty, or is that just the way I see it? 

Then I come down to the pool and I see a couple with a little kid and somehow I wonder if that would've been you and me, because that's how much I loved you and how much I believed in you

And you had some dreams that kinda looked like mine but you never admitted them to me

I ran up here because I wanted to be alone and it turns out you're all around

I laid on bed quietly staring at nothing, turning on the t.v, turning it off and turning it on again.

Your voice haunts these rooms, the place at first I told you to never come with me, just in case you leave, why would that matter if I let you come? I'd have more places to picture you in now that you're gone.

And my company right now is my heavy head

I gave you all I had and even though you didn't want it you took it anyways

It was like a relationship without being one and only people that have been there could understand how

I cried for many nights because I wanted you here all the time

I locked myself in this lonely hotel room and ended up crying to Jeff Buckley 

I'm wearing the scratched up boots that got their scratches when we used to laugh for hours

But right now I miss you and I haven't miss you in quite a while but then I think I subconsciously listen to your favorite songs when I'm missing you and as I wander these halls again and again I start feeling like Jack Nicholson in the shinning about to go insane.