May favorites

May was filled with a lot of school work, traveling, concerts and time spent with friends and family! So far this has been my favorite month of 2017. Here are some of my favorite things and people!

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What I have been listening to during May

Depresno is a 21- year old musician from Bergen, Norway. He was on tour a few weeks ago and I was lucky enough to watch him perform live in Stavanger!

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                           Mellow tunes

                           Mellow tunes

                          Summer playlist

                          Summer playlist


I was lucky to win two tickets to the Shawn Mendes concert in Oslo, so what better time to take a weekend trip to the capital? We visited different thrift shops, vegan cafés like Funky Fresh Foods and the wonderful cafe called Retro Lykke Kaffebar! Even though Shawn Mendes isn't my usual taste in music, the atmosphere was incredible and something I will remember forever!


"I am Heath Ledger" is a new documentary in my opinion about one of the best actors that has ever existed. The documentary is made up of Heath's home movies, friends and families talking about him and the soundtrack is just out of this world. At the end of the documentary I was crying and feeling so inspired to live life to the fullest, just like Heath did. 

01.22.08 was truly the day we lost a true artist. 

- Nora Marie