A day in Amsterdam

This summer I got to spend one day in Amsterdam and it truly lived up to my expectations. It was such a beautiful city with so many magical places to visit. Therefore I have created a little collections of places, shops and sights that are worth seeing if you get the opportunity to visit this lovely city and want to make the most of it. A little tip though: don't try to do Amsterdam in a day.

Wini Vintage

Wini Vintage is a very uncluttered store with selected vintage items. There is both men's, women's and children's wear which is not always easy to find when thrifting. It is located nearby another favorite store of mine named Rumors vintage, that you should definitely swing by. Wini Vintage is the place to find a vintage celine scarf, a sophisticated blouse or an elegant coat. 

Rumors vintage

Rumors Vintage is such a dreamy two floor vintage shop. They have the most funky swimsuits, gingham overalls and so many unique vintage bags and accessories. A big pluss is also that you can get recycled canvas bags if you need a bag, so this shop is definitely pro-planet!

The Van Gogh Museum

If you hate standing in line, the Van Gogh museum got you covered. By booking your tickets online for a specific time of the day you can avoid the long wait. The museum houses the largest collection of Van Gogh's work, including Sunflowers, Almond blossom and The Bedroom. They also offer a multimedia guide, but it is also possible to read about his life in certain parts of the exhibitions.

The canals

The canals are a must-see if you visit Amsterdam, but they are pretty hard to avoid if you find yourself in the center of the city. Anyways, it is definitely worth exploring the streets next to the canals, admire your surroundings from one of the many bridges, or bring a book and some lunch to enjoy by the waterside. There are so many cute spots that are perfect for taking a break and relaxing.


This place is packed with records of all music genres. It is a cozy little shop close to The Hummus House, with okay prices and good quality. You can make a bargain as they have a wonderful selection of famous albums from the last four decades.


Latei is one of the cutest cafés I have ever visited. The sandwich with hummus and aubergine was devine and the place got that 50's atmosphere. If you are looking for a place with delicious cakes and beverages, retro bikinis and records, not to mention lamps, then this is defiantly the place for you!

The 9 streets

The 9 streets are nine streets full of independent and vintage stores. There are also several cafés in the area (and Juice Brothers is nearby if you want something refreshing on the run). This is such a sweet part of the city that is worth a visit!