Ethical + sustainable brands

As you may know, the fast fashion industry is to this day the third most polluting and damaging industry to the environment, after oil and agriculture. Fast fashion has a major impact on our planet, and consequences include pollution, huge amounts of water waste and excessive amounts of textile waste. In fact, it is said that in America alone about 11 tons of textiles end up in landfills and the ocean every year. If that doesn't strike a never in you, then we do not know what will. But the good thing is that each one of us have a choice.

As a consumer you can decide if you want to buy into an industry causing fashion unsustainably and unethically, or if you want to support sustainable brands that treat its workers and the planet with respect. You have the power to help the slow fashion movement grow, by avoiding stores such as Zara, H&M and Primark, and instead purchasing fair trade, organic, environmentally friendly and last but not least clothing materials that are good for our health. With all this in mind, we decided to write an article about some of our favorite sustainable clothing brands that are changing the fashion industry for the better! We even got to partner up with some of the brands to give you a coupon code for you if you do decide to invest in some good quality pieces!


Pansy is a Californian based brand that is selling the most dreamy and ethical underwear and clothes, in the most beautiful colors you can imagine. Each item is made of organic cotton produced in the US and sewn in California. The idea behind it all was to make underwear that was comfy, beautiful, minimal, dyed without toxins and sweatshop free. Every piece is fully compostable and is made entirely out of organically grown natural fibres.

Brighton Lace

Brighton Lace consists of a three women team who handcrafts unique lace bralettes, french knickers and lingering sets produced in a sustainable way. The whole production takes place in England but most of the work is done in Brighton. Their ultimate goal is to empower women and provide beautiful and ethically produced underwear.

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Ziran is a brand that values slow fashion and is built on a concept that means self so, natural, spontaneous, and free. All of their pieces are made with a sustainable type of silk named xiang yun sha and the entire production is sustainable from beginning to end. Every yard of silk is different and made entirely by hand. Another wonderful aspect of their production is that all the ingredients used are natural and does not harm the skin.

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Sustainability is the core of Reformation. All their factories uses eco-friendly practices and the brand works to minimize waste, water and energy footprint. The clothes have a vintage touch to them and you can read exactly how much each garment has impacted the environment on every product page at their website. While Reformation works to make their production as sustainable as possible they invest in clean water solutions and tree planting. 

The Wylde

The Wylde is a brand of eco conscious and sustainable pieces carefully crafted from natural and raw materials. The brand is reflecting the timeless beauty of femininity and minimalism. Everything is carefully chosen to compliment your everyday life!

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Groceries Apparel

Groceries Apparel is a clothing brand that makes all their clothing in their own CA factories. They are socially responsible, environmentally friendly and are fair trade. Their clothing is made from organic and recycled materials including cotton, hemp, eucalyptus, recycled plastic and vegetable dyes. That means that the brand does use or work with any toxic dyes. We were lucky enough to get a coupon code for you if you decide to invest in some these gorgeous pieces!


Stalf is a brand based in Lincolnshire, producing minimalistic and simple yet stunning garments. They handmake small quanties of each of their garments so that they can order only what they will use. All of the products are unique, researched, designed, and hand-cut under one roof, and ethically and sustainably produced.


All garments are ethically made and produced in Malawi using traditional african techniques. The african prints used are all sourced at the local market. The brand focuses on fusing together contemporary design with traditional African techniques. Their collections are produced in a Zero Waste environment, which means that they upcycle every off-cut, cutting room waste fabric or any unsold item into a new wonderful and unique piece.