Autumn Haze: an ode to fall

Thank you for being there during some of the most hectic days of my life.

Your deep and earthy colors are to me angelic, and it touches me each time the fall drizzle gets caught in my hair, and reminds me more of crystals than any liquid.  

You are comforting in every way, from the melancholic rain drumming ever so delicately against my window, to your deeply atmospheric midnights.

Afternoons are spent in coffee shops, warming our hands on porcelain cups and the steam that graze upon our red noses while we sip.

The umbrella that is standing in my hallway, constantly soaked by tiny raindrops, is reminding me of your comfort.

We are running through tall fields of grass hoping that they will swallow us and keep us warm.

But nothing is like the fall breeze.

Flowers and trees slip on vibrant colors, like ruby red and dandelion yellow, and the sky is either on fire or gentle pink. 

It is your softness and that makes me feel as if I have escaped to a fairytale with not a single conflict.

Despite my tired eyes, I adore each wildflower. And although life is overwhelming,

it is the bike rides, by the misty and sleepy lakes, that makes me forget everything else for a couple of seconds.

It's like the world turnes into honey. Everything is heavenly quiet in the morning. All gooey, slow and golden. 

Each ray of sunshine looks as it has reflected from the hills of Tuscany or the poppy meadows in California.

Moths are fluttering, stars are glimmering and everything is untangled. 

I have grown in love with your tranquillity and heavy scents.

Everything is melting into a light blur under the setting sun,

while we are exploring  sunflower gardens, handwritten letters and even each rainstorm.

You are the season of emotions and sensitivity, more than anything else.

I wish I was the autumn haze.