Love her, but leave her wild

In a society that constantly pits women against each other, I think it is important to start celebrating each others' success and uniqueness. The world around us is always telling us to compete, to be the 'prettiest' and have the 'right' clothes. Let's start a revolution; let's us heal together and build each other up instead. Let's build strong and honest relationships with our girl friends. Let's encourage the magic that happens within all of us and celebrate how beautiful it is when we unite.

With that being said, I constantly find myself inspired by the women within this community of creative, sweet and mindful souls. I therefore I thought that I would share a bit about the women that inspires me most, and that I am thankful to be influenced by. If you also want to check out some wonderful female artists while you're at it, you can have a look at our Harvest Moon art gallery and the Strawberry Moon Art Gallery, but here it goes for now:

Jemma Finch

Jemma Finch is the co-founder of Stories Behind Things which is a creative space where sustainability meets style and style meets storytelling. She recently turned 23 and is the owner of  the most beautiful collection of ethical jewelry. I can not say that I know her personally, but to me she seems very down to earth and I have loved following her sustainable journey for a couple of years now. You can check out her ig here and STB here for daily snews and tips~ 

Samera Paz

Does the name sound familiar? That might be because Samera has recently become a part of our KA team, as the person behind our upcoming advice column. She is also a visual artist + photographer, and the founder of the Young Women's Movement Girl Power Meetups, which you can read more about in the interview we did with her a couple of moths ago. This girl is constantly inspiring women all over the world to be to love and express themselves both through GPM and her artwork. You should definitely check out her website if you haven't already! 

Skjermbilde 2017-09-10 kl. 21.28.42.png

Lauren Singers

If you are into zero-waste, Lauren is your go-to girl for the best recipes and tips! She is the beautiful mind behind the zero-waste blog Trash is for Tossers and she recently opened her own Package Free Shop Also, if you are new to new to sustainability and a less wasteful lifestyle, her videos and recommendations are both encouraging and informative. At least she has influenced my lifestyle and may others these last few years.

Skjermbilde 2017-09-10 kl. 21.24.01.png
Skjermbilde 2017-09-10 kl. 21.21.34.png

Casey Liu

I first became aware of the humble and beautiful Casey Liu through her photography. It is full of vibrant colors and wanderlust, which I utterly adore. Later I learned that she is a Californian based photographer and a part of the magnificent duo; Tigers In The Sky, which is now one of my all time favorite musicians. Her music are luckily as dreamy as her photographs. Casey was born and raised on the island of Oahu and relocated to Long Beach, that I believe affects both her photography and music. 

Skjermbilde 2017-09-10 kl. 21.44.39.png
Skjermbilde 2017-09-10 kl. 21.50.57.png

Ashley Rosales

Ashley, better known as Smash is a graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design and is currently living in New York. This creative bean is sharing the most lovely photographs and design. I'm pretty much in love with her style and her life captured on film. You can check out some of her work here!

Hannah La Salvia

Hannah is a talented illustrator and might be the cutest human on earth. Her youtube videos are pure magic and you can have a look here to see for yourself. She is sharing parts of her world, from travel to art and language, through her channel and ig. You gotta love her energy and positivity...

Skjermbilde 2017-09-10 kl. 22.06.49.png
Skjermbilde 2017-09-10 kl. 22.07.51.png
Skjermbilde 2017-09-10 kl. 22.11.11.png
Skjermbilde 2017-09-10 kl. 22.08.24.png


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