Beauty is what you make it.

So, here I am, it’s currently 10.44 pm on a school night. Just 5 minutes ago I finished watching a documentary called 'Embrace' on Netflix. The documentary focuses on a mother of three beautiful children, who after giving birth found herself struggling with a negative body image. Therefore in order to change her way of thinking, she traveled around the world talking to, documenting and connecting with women in all shapes, colors, ages and with different sexualities.

This small article will be based around my thoughts, and ideas I had right after watching the documentary, as it truly left me inspired to write. 

B Jeffrey Madoff

B Jeffrey Madoff

Beauty is what you make it. This phrase really struck me, maybe because it feels like society is constantly limiting beauty to skinny white blondes with blue eyes. Ok, maybe that was overexaggerating it, you might come off as beautiful if have brown hair as long as you’re skinny enough. We are thought from a young age that beauty is found in cover girl makeup and a designer bikini. We are sexualizing children in order to sell more clothing, or to make them, in societies eyes, more beautiful. Children are becoming sexual objects even before they know what sexualizing means. How messed up is that? Let them run around and get dirty in the grass, not wearing makeup or restricting clothing. 

"Body confidence does not come from trying to achieve the perfect body, it comes from embracing the one you've already got."

Not only are we destroying children and teenagers' self-esteem, we are making mothers and elderly feel horrible about their aging bodies. Of course, our bodies change over time! We are out exploring the world and some women also have children. Odds are, most of you reading this have a mother. She carried you in her womb for almost 9 months or took care of you as a child. How can we blame women's bodies for changing when they quite literally grew a human being inside them? For you to have grown into the strong, healthy and beautiful person you are today, she breastfed you for years. No wonders that her breast and nipples aren’t the same as before. We should be loving our bodies and talk openly about body change. We should be celebrating all the women out there, cause they fucking carried every human to ever walk this earth.

With time you grow into the person you need to be, and it is the society’s responsibly to create a better environment for all people on the earth. 

You are allowed to love your body. You are allowed to wear whatever you would like (as long as it doesn't hurt anyone). You are allowed to be yourself. So with that said, go shave your hair off if you feel like it, stop shaving if that sounds more appealing, eat that cookie and drink that smoothie. But whatever you do, please be happy. 

And to all the people talking shit about other people’s bodies.

Sit in a corner and start rethinking your values.

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