Interconnected: Art across borders

Wanna get lost in the world of poetry, paint strokes, water colors and 35mm film for a while? For this article, our submitters were asked to choose some of the work that they believe best represents them as an artist. This little digital art gallery consists of everything from animations about telescopes and microscopes, to photography showcasing the beauty of lack of people in public spaces. So take a deep breath, relax and enjoy…

“Within the Parks of New York City” By Daniella

About the artist: Daniella Berger is a young and talented portrait photographer and artist. At the moment she is lives in NJ/NYC. When asked how she would describe herself, this was her answer: “I am driven by the potential of my passion. My placement in life is never a mistake.”


Animations By Daniel Zvereff

About the artist: Being a first generation American, with a Russian family who once lived in exile in China, Daniel Zvereff ended up traveling to reconnect with his culture. This experience has influenced his creative work, especially his illustrations and photography. Recently he has also worked on animations made out of thousands of charcoal drawings.

“Zaglav” by Antea Zivanovic

About the artist: Antea is 17 and an aspiring poet. You will find her at the cinema alone on Thursday nights or in coffee shops writing just before closing time. Her poem “Zaglav” was written after spending twenty-one days there under the sun and washed over with love.


Does the sun shine in outer space?

Taxi driver 

Drive me to a sweet place

Run the yellow lights hiding in the corners of my mind

Circle the red seas we painted silver

Lose what we had meant to find

White Nikes wearing peaches soaked in salt 

Smiling into sad eyes 

As if the empty reflection wasn’t my fault

Still there were no speedbumps to be found

Save the spotty skin that sometimes got in my way

Their silent stares keeping me sound

 Espressos leaving a stain on every other morning

 Strangers pulling me apart

 Making left turns without the right warnings

 Driver the sweet place has never tasted so good


Darling we both know it won’t ever taste the same

 But If I knew how to mend a half-melted heart 

 I would

Illustrations by Luci Carvalho

About the artist: Luci is a wonderful and innovative artist who is currently studying illustration at university. She spends her days listening to music, creating, hosting collage workshops and working as a creative director for a new magazine in Britain.

modif copy.jpg
positive 2.jpg

Phtography by Rebecka Kann

About the artist: Rebecka is a Swedish photographer, currently based in Chicago. She has an affinity for “how the lack of people changes public spaces” and a lot of her photography is therefore influenced by it.


Illustrations by Driva Louise Leyonmarck

About the artist: Driva Louise is a self-taught illustrator from Sweden who is currently living in the Dominican Republic. As she likes to put it “I like drawing sad girls, rain clouds and sceptic dogs. I enjoy illustrating dark subjects with love and humour.” 

Skjermbilde 2018-11-28 kl. 22.32.46.png
Driva Louise Leyonmarck - 05.jpg
Skjermbilde 2018-11-28 kl. 22.33.09.png
Driva Louise Leyonmarck - 04.jpg
Driva Louise Leyonmarck - 02.jpg

art by Jade

About the artist: Jade is 18 years old and live in France. Her passions include creating sculptures, photography and painting. At the moment she is focusing on her art practice as she would like to enter an art school in 2019.


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