It’s uniqe, ethical & sustainable!

A hope to encourage sustainability


To put it simply, Nuet Wear is our very own clothing line made up of carefully selected vintage, pre-loved and hand made items. Roughly one year ago we lunched our first collection. Since then, we have had different market stalls, educated ourselves further on the topic of eco-friendly fashion and hunted down more beloved pieces of clothing - from the perfect 90’s crop top to an abstract swing dress from the 50’s. It has taken us months to curate, as some of the pieces were found in an old suitcase hidden at Nora’s grandparents’ loft, some were adorned with hand-stitched embroideries, made by us, and others were picked up in tiny vintage stores in both France and England. The last week has been hectic, to say the least. Days and nights spent photographing, documenting our finance, measuring and writing. One day we imagine having our own office, with a green plant in every corner, a Persian rug and a rack of vintage clothes against the wall - but for now, an online store is just what we would like to do in the hopes of encouraging sustainability.

This collection encompasses everything we could ever imagine and wanted for our line, and there are no words to describe the feeling of seeing all our hard work finally turning into a final product. Most of you already know what NUET is all about, but for those of you who don’t - Nuet Wear is about being yourself 100%, discovering your own unique personal style and being present (nuet means “present” in Norwegian), while still being considerate regarding the future. We want to be a part of the slow fashion movement, take action and encourage others to chose ethical and sustainable, instead of an industry that is harmfull to the environment and the workers. As stated clearly in the last article we wrote on the subject: “By opening Nuet Wear we want to contribute to putting fast fashion, child labor and unethical trading to an end, and also encourage self-expression through style.”


Who is the typical Nuet Wear gal?

We don’t believe that there is a certain gener or certain personality that determines who is to wear our clothes or not. We encourage you to break the gender roles and body type norms! Wear the pieces with fierceness, boldness and softness. Our goal is to offer a variation of clothes and sizes so that everyone can find something that suites their personal style and personality, whether that is classy, edgy or chic - and making it easy to choose eco-friendly, without compromising.


Even though second hand clothing can be inexpensive, a lot of quality vintage is not. However, to make sustainability a choice for everyone, we have tried to keep the majority of the prices low and affordable. In fact, we hardly make any profit, and the money that we do earn will go into putting together another collection in the future. What is most important to us is to give people the opportunity to choose both beautiful and ethical.

We are truly excited to see these unique pieces find a new and loving home. As said, our ultimate goal is to contribute to the growth of the slow fashion movement, encourage to support fashion sustainability, empower and promote the beauty of self-expression. We wish to bring something new to each collection, this time focusing on mixing the different eras, which can of course be styled to your own liking. Our second collection is inspired by all the bold and powerful voices and souls out there, who dare to be different and completely and utterly themselves - thank you for being our muse! Lastly, we also want to thank our amazing models: Marthe, Iben, Yasmin, Lea and Ada for coming through, even though the temperature dropped below zero.

Hopefully you'll find something that speaks to your style!  


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Love, Martine & Nora Marie

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