One word a day

We've already made several writing challenges, but this time we thought we'd make one with a twist.

Each day we want you to describe something, by only using one word. This way you can get to the core of your emotions and worries, and set of some time each day to reflecting. This is also a great way to get you into the habit of writing. It may sound easy to simply sum something up with a single word, but sometimes keeping it simple is not easy at all. One word can say so much about you and your current mindset. Some words may come to you easily while others you'll have to think about for a while - but that is the whole point: to get to know yourself better through self-expression. 

Tip: Spend the next 30 days waiting a word a day and do the same challenge again next year to see in what ways you've changed or what parts of your life that you could change for the better.

Pop open your journal, write on the back of your favorite photo, on your computer, just get writing!