Feeling uninspired

As you may have noticed, Nuet has not been posting as frequently as we usually do. There are various reasons for this, one being that we have both been very busy with school etc, another being that neither of us have really been able to get the words on our mind onto paper. To be honest, it has taken me a few weeks to finally write something, but it does feel good to write again. 

If any of you reading this has been in a rut or feeling blue, maybe this list of things I do to refuel my creative mind to get me on track again will help you as well.

Create a new playlist


Go to a thrift shop

There is nothing like regaining your inspiration like going to a vintage store and dress up in beautiful clothing. No need to buy anything, but remember to capture the moment and the outfits with a photo.

Get away for a while

You can interpret this in any way you would like, but getting away could simply mean to play your favorite song loud and laying on your bed with your eyes closed. It could mean to travel somewhere exotic or to a place, only two bus stops away. Even though you are in a rut, and inspiration is the number one thing you are lacking. Try to find excitement and beauty in the small things you do.

Re-do your room

I personally love to re-do and re-organize my room, especially when I don't have inspiration. Adding a plant in the empty corner, painting the dresser or simply putting your bed on the other side of the room. Waking up in a "new" and clean room will not only get you the right mindset but also give you a new outlook on your daily environment. 

Write & draw

For me, writing has always been a way to release my emotions, and truly be present and acknowledge the moment I am in. Whether it's poetry, a journal update, KA article or an Instagram entry it all gives me a safe space to pour my thought onto paper. 

Watch films (documentaries are my favorite) 

Even though I love my horror movies and a romantic classic, nothing beats a good documentary. When watching, I am able to learn more about people and how the world works.

This documentary is about Paul and Lina Mccartney. It's about their love, adventures, family and her photography. After watching this, Linda has for sure become one of my biggest inspirations, and I adore her photographs. 


Exploring happiness

A couple and a dog from Germany spends 90 days in America converting a school bus into a living space, after that, it's time to start driving. Over the course of about 9 months, they travel all over Canada, across America and down to Mexico. All in the pursuits of two things, going South and finding happiness. However, over the course of their adventure there are various unexpected changes to their plans. Personally I think that this really puts life into perspective and showes that van life is not always a walk in the park. 


A family of four travels to 15 countries to explore and get to know the world we live in.

So, these are some things I do to regain my inspiration and motivation to continue to create. I would love to get advice and inspiration from you! Tell me what you do to get out of a rut by sending a message on instagram or comment under this post.