Snippets of fleeting moments

In the summer I often seem to naturally go back to the basics. Living in a village in Thailand for the past month has for sure taught me to appriciate what I have. For instance, we do not need 50 articles of clothing, nor 20 pair of shoes - and makeup is for sure a luxury. When times are going by fast, it is easy to look away from the small moments and only see the hard and stressful times. Instead, open a window and let fresh air seep into the room and write down your favorite moments from this month...

For this article I collected a few of the moments I often take for granted;

Staring out the window during the day or at night is always soothing.

Especially when you are on a train or taking the bus to school.

Sometimes being in a crowd of people is just as therapeutic as some alone time.

Especially if that crowd is dancing and smiling to the same music as you. 

Taking time out of my day to enjoy small moments has been very hard recently.

So when I do get the chance to enjoy the moment I try to not take it for granted. 

If you decide to share moments you often take for granted be sure to use the hastag "creativesuniting".