Discover your Moon

The moment we come into this lifetime, we are born under a Moon.

A powerful moon that forms a soul with articulate detail, the ways in which we show love and enable to be loved. 

Where our Sun creates our character, 

Our Moon shapes our deepest emotional desires. 


Everyone’s Moon is a little different. 

To indulge ourselves into these desires we must dive into the greatest ocean depths within ourselves in order to understand our own Moon.

Your moon may bein spontaneous & passionate Aries, Charming Gemini, loving & nurturing Cancer or Pisces, freedom seeking Aquarius or even traditional & motivated Capricorn

Your moon helps you to understand what you need emotionally in this lifetime to be your happiest. 


My Moon is in Aquarius

I have a free spirited soul that loves to collaborate among friends.

A strong will to better humanity, a strong sense of individuality. 

I’m able to rebel against the norms of society in order to fulfil my cravings in this world. When given the freedom, I feel emotionally attained in my ability to know what my purpose is. 

In order to understand myself, I must observe human nature of all walks of life to understand the true ways of humanity. 

I am driven to become the most unique, quirky and interesting person I can be. In my most dreamy and rebellious way, I will better society and the people within it and encourage a more spiritual, ethical and healthy way of living. 


The Moon allows me to invest time and thought towards my subconscious. 

Each and every night as the moon passes through its several phases. I stare up at the sky noticing the distant shadowing as it’s lunar energy shoots down to my body on earth. Once you open your soul to the energy of the Moon, significant emotional power transforms into great insight. 

My Moon is my guide, my spiritual light in the night sky.

 I’ve always had a particular love for the evenings. 

Now I know it’s my great friend the Moon.

Awakening my soulful spirit to a great deal of understanding and learning. 

My Moon is what allowed me to love myself. 


Self-love and acceptance is a journey that can be a battle. As you grow great knowledge and understanding of who you really are and what you have to offer this earth, you will gain love and appreciation for your own individual soul. 

I’ve learnt what I deserve, what I desire, how I want to love and how to be loved. 

Your Moon is your greatest true self, the layers beyond the layers. The self that not everyone gets to discover but the one that’s waiting for you to find. 


Discover your Moon. 

Calculate your Natal Chart to find your Astrological Moon Sign. 


-Liv Harwood

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