Sand seeping between my toes

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With social media constantly on our back, it is hard to seperate reality from fiction, authenticity from fakeness. All over Youtube I see titles like "the perfect girl, perfect life or how to get the perfect curls". When these titles pop up on my screen I often seem to ask myself. What even is perfection and does it actually exist?

These two questions are very hard to answer, I know. However, I've come to realize that we will all have our own answer to these questions. Yes, no and maybe. Three simple words that hold the power to either break people away from the pressure of being perfect or torture them until the end. A while ago I listened to a podcast where the episode was called “I want to punch perfection in the face”. This phrase quite literally blew my breath away. And to be honest, I do in- fact want to punch perfection in the face.  It is so easy now to strive for perfection with the help of social media, magazines and movies. One example of me striving to reach perfection in one part of my life was when I was around nine. At nine years old, I was hoarding makeup to fill up my drawers only to have it like the "beauty gurus" on youtube. I spent so much time sorting out my draws and buying makeup. All I wanted at that time was to have everything filled up with expensive makeup, or at least the newest product on the market. How messed up is that? Me spending my childhood obsessing over what product I needed to buy next. 

Instead of finding perfection (whatever that is) in people and things, try finding perfection in moments. Find perfection in nature. As I am writing this, I am sitting on the terrace of the house I am living in for one month. The house is situated in a small native village in Thailand overlooking tropical green greenery. How perfect is this moment? I am so privileged to be able to call this my home for one whole month. Even though it is raining, I am still able to see the beauty that is growing, trees, plants and fruits of all kinds. Other moments in life that are beautiful is the noise which the ground makes when you are walking on leaves or waves hitting the shore. The saltwater breeze that hits you in the face when you arrive at the beach, or the sand seeping between your toes. Being in a rainforest, barefoot and simply looking up. 

Instead of striving for perfection, try striving for happiness, love, and passion. Whatever that means and brings to you. 

(Photo by Martine)

(Photo by Martine)



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