The annual pride parade is for celebrating love and speaking up for equality 🌈 Therefore thousands of people are now coming together and filling the streets with glitter, colors and a message. In the context of this, we thought we'd share a bit about how to stay eco-friendly while attending pride. Let's get to it!  

Avoid: While glitter can look beautiful, there is a downside; Did you know that glitter is a micro-plastic? It can take hundreds of years to decompose and due to its size, it's likely that it will end up in the ocean and in fish. If you want to avoid the glitter making its way into the sea and affect marine life, but still want to sparkle at pride, we recommend biodegradable glitter. Ecoglitterfun is a great choice - it's even mentioned in a guide which BBC recently did on the subject. It's a wonderful option to your regular plastic-glitter, as it's made from a certified biodegradable cellulose film. Another option is face paint. Do like Lauren Singer and paint your brows like tiny rainbows or be bold and paint both cheeks. There are several types of eco-friendly face paint, like Natural Earth Paint, that you can choose from. 

What you also want to avoid at pride (and in general) are non-reusables such as balloons, plastic wavers and fans. When deciding what to bring for the parade, keep in mind that you should try to generate the least amount of waste possible. Maybe you should choose a flag made of fabric that you can use years to come, instead of a plastic flag? And a dress you already have in your closet, instead of buying a new one? Although there are certain things you should avoid, that does not mean that you can't look and feel amazing at pride ↴

Redesign: If you enjoy sewing, you can upcycle an old denim jacket by adding different textiles and colors to it. So, if you want a vibrant and unique outfit, check out a couple of thrift-stores and find some nice patterns and fabrics that you like. Another idea is to try out batik paint. If you have a clothing item that you no longer use, you can make it perfect for pride by dying it, using different batik colors. If you want something more simple or are looking for a way to add a finishing touch to you outfit. change your shoe laces to laces that matches the LGBTQ+ flag you identify with.

Reuse: This one it pretty basic, but remember to bring a reusable water bottle, to stay hydrated. This way you can avoid spending unnecessary money and help the planet at the same time. 

Also, you can spice up your outfit by reusing different vintage heart-pins. Pin them to your shirt, hat or canvas bag - you decide! It will defiantly be a cute detail.

Recycle: If you've attended pride yourself, you probably know that there's usually a lot of trash left behind after the parade. This is also normal at concerts and festivals, it is not specific for pride but please don't leave trash behind. 

Reduce: If you have to travel to attend a pride parade in another city, make sure to reduce your carbon footprint by choosing public transport or bike if possible. Many people have to travel to attend a pride - just imagine all the carbon produced due to transport.


Happy pride!

...And remember, equal love is a human right, not a privilege.