Writing challenge #4

Wanna get into the habit of writing but just don't know how?

The hardest part is to get started and knowing exactly what to write about each day.

May this collection of 20 days worth of writing prompts help you along the way and consequently teach you something new about yourself. 

Let' start this new season off the right way. 

✍ Day 1: Write about how you feel about summer turning to fall, and vacation transitioning to school/ work days. 

✍ Day 2: Describe the room you're currently sitting in. Try to notice the little details and see the room with a fresh pair of eyes.

✍ Day 3: Put a timer on for 5 minutes and write down everything that comes to mind. Try to not judge the thoughts, just spill. It does not matter if it's random thoughts or musings.

✍ Day 4: Give haiku poetry a go. Seventeen syllables and three verses. You can write about a friend, a feeling or a place.

✍ Day 5: Are you happy with the life you are currently living? If yes, make a list of the things you feel grateful for. If not, what can you do to reach your dream life? Try to manifest your dreams every day.  

✍ Day 16: How has your day been?

✍ Day 17: Is there anything you hope will happen during 2019?

✍ Day 18: When do you feel most confident? Why do you think you're like that?

✍ Day 19:  Write about how you feel in your body at this exact time. Not if your happy with your physical body or not. Do you feel healthy, in need of some stretching or maybe some water? Get intune with yourself and make it a goal to listen to your body more often. 

✍ Day 20: Elaborate on how the past 20 days have been. Has anything changed for the better, or worse? Have you been working towards your goals- if not, what got in your way?

✍ Day 6: Write about todays weather only using human traits. Try not to use clichés.

✍ Day 7: Describe your day like in a short story. Write in the third person.

✍ Day 8: Describe your favorite color.

✍ Day 9: Write about todays feelings. From the moment you woke up to the moment you go to bed. What are the emotions that impacted this day the most and impressions that set the mood?

✍ Day 10: Sit in a public space and see if you can spot an interesting stranger. Write a paragraph about what you can imagine their story is.

✍ Day 11: Write about when you feel most confident.

✍ Day 12: Write a poem about your parents.

✍ Day 13: Make a list of what you did to make others happy today, and a list beside it of what others did that made you happy.

✍ Day 14: Write about what makes you hopeful for the future.

✍ Day 15: If you could only describe your generation with three words, what would they be?

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