Photo series: Bali

This photo series is dedicated to all the victims of the strong earthquake that hit Lombok the 6th of August, killing more than 300 people and leaving more than a thousand hospitalized and without homes. Two weeks ago, the media was flooded with photos from the quake and the destructions it caused. Today I could not find a single headline about the aftershocks.

It's easy to feel disconnected to all that is happening around the world. With this constant stream of news, we easily become an apathetic and indifferent crowd of spectators. I want to take a moment to show you some of the people, colors and places that I was lucky enough to call home for one month. It breaks my heart that I can't know for certain that all the people I spoke with during my stay are safe or not. Let me show you the Bali I got to experience for 4 week until the quake hit, and please send the people affected by this your thoughts and prayers while you do so. 

2am looked like an ocean of stars, before hiking up a mountain to see the sun rise over Batur. 6am was a tired body waking up to see the sun replace the moon and the lotusflowers before they closed. A sight so vibrant that it felt like I was looking through a kaleidoscope. 8am was bird chirps and breeze playing with the leaves of the starfruit and mango trees leaning over my balcony. 9am tasted like ginger tea. 10am smelled like incense and frangipanis. It was walks beside Canang Saris, the daily offerings made by Balinese hindus. 11am was adrenaline as I was jumping off cliffs and waterfalls in the middle of the jungle. 12pm sounded like waves breaking and ebbingI named the place "Drømmeland" (land of dreams) because of its white sand, warm waves, proud mountains and salty wind. 3pm felt like a peaceful blur, as I was dozing off in the midday sun. 5pm was conversations with a taxi driver about the cremation ceremony going on in the city. 7pm was showering under an open sky. 9pm tasted like lime juice and grilled veggies. 


If you would like to donate money to help earthquake victims, you make a donation to Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) among other organizations.

"The Indonesian Red Cross is accepting donations for victims of the earthquake through Lombok Kita Bantu. Donations are collected through local banks and via the Lombok Kita Bantu donation portal."

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