Vegan tattoos and aftercare

Have you gotten a new tattoo? If so, congrats! Maybe you are you considering commiting to a lifelong artpiece on your body. I got my first tattoo in January of 2018. Now, .... months later I have five tattoos and more ideas to add to my collection. After taken care of- and healed five tattoos I thought I could share some of my tips on making the healing process a bit more fun- everything will, of course, be 100% natural.

Note: I am in no way an expert on tattoos, the healing process, or in any wat a tattoo artist. I will only be giving you the tips that I picked up and used when healing my tattoos. As with anything, I will always recommend that you try out various methods to find out what works best for you and your tattoos.

Pre-tattoo planing

Vegan ink 

Before you get your new tattoo, make sure that the tattoo parlor offers vegan ink. There are various non-vegan ingredients that are often used in the production of the ink itself: Glycerin from animals are often used as a stabilizer and gelatine and bone char can also be found in the ink to increase the pigment of the color. 

If the tattoo parlor does not know if they have vegan ink, either try to find another place that knows for certain or ask them if they use some of these brands: Eternal, StarBrite, SkinCandy, and Stable Color (PETA) which are all vegan and cruelty- free. I got three of my tattoos at a parlor in Stavanger, Norway called Royal tattoo and have been very pleased with the results. Head over to this website if you do not live in Stavanger to find a vegan tattoo artist near you!

Are you ready for the commitment?

No matter how long you've been thinking about it, or if you have multiple tattoos already. Be honest with yourself and firgure out if you have time the next few weeks to be extra careful, consistent with cleaning and moistrasing. 

Stick and poke or machine?

I have personally have three tattoos done with machine, and two that were done stick and poke (proffesionally). All in all I would say that there are pro's and con's to both methods. 

Machine: 1. Takes longer to heal as you are creating an open wound. 2. May come off with a stronger pigment, and will for sure last longer. 3. They are significanlty cheaper than stick and poke tattoos. 

Stick and poke: 1. Heals fairly quickly as you are inserting the ink, instead of creating a wound. 3. The color may fade away quicker. 3. Cheap.



Post-tattoo care


One of the main things the tattoo artists tell you once you have your tattoo is to cleanse it at least three times a day with a natural, non-perfume soap. When cleansing my tattoos I usually used the vegan and natural bar soaps I already had at home.

Drying the tattoo

Try to stay away from toilet paper and towels for the first three days. This is done to prevent fabric particles from entering the open wound. Opt for using kitchen paper towels. 

Tattoo ointment

Moisturizing your tattoo is one of the most important things you do to prevent bacteria from entering your open wound and to decrease the itchiness on your skin. Cause whatever you do, do NOT pick on the scabs that start to form over the tattoo. Once you start picking off the scabs, the pigment of the color might start of come off. In other words, your tattoo might end up having "bald" spots. Instead of purchasing the expensive and un-natural ointment from the shop ( I did the first time...), try applying a thin layer of organic coconut oil to moisturize the tattoo! If you don't want to use any oils, try searching for vegan tattoo ointments. After doing some research, these are some of the ones with best reviews online:Merry Hempsters Vegan Hemp Tattoo Balm and Ohana Organics tattoo butter.

Note: Everytime you go swimming or take a shower I would strongly reccomend that you keep giving the tattoo moisture. No matter if its been one weeks since you got it, or five years. 

Clothing choices

Wherever you may have placed your new tattoo, make sure that you wear loose fitted clothing whenever possible to keep the fabric from touching your healing tattoo.


All in all, tattoos are great, but they do require some work and cleaning the first few weeks. However, do not let this stop you from addind to- or starting your collection. 

Do you have any other tattoo tips or something related you want to share? Be sure to comment, send us a dm or email!