Seven things to keep in mind

Ok. .....Breath..... 

When life seems to explode with millions of tasks and things to do. I try to say these things to myself in the hopes of calming myself down. 


1. Breath. Push through what you’re going through no matter what it takes, you’re not gonna regret it. 

2. Be patient. This is the number one thing I say to myself when life isn’t as I want it to be. (I even went as far as tattooing this saying in my moms’ handwriting. This will forever be preserved on my body) - Isn’t life what you hoped? Are you stuck in school when you’ve rather lay on a beach or stroll through the city? No matter where you are, and where you want to be, you will eventually get there. I know, not the advice you hoped fore, but you know it’s true.

3. You are so beautiful. Please remember that. We all have the days where we would rather stay in bed, not look in the mirror and not leave the premitter of our home. When that day comes, and you simply do not feel comfortable, beautiful or safe in your own skin, take a deep breath, look in the mirror and say three positive and beautiful things about yourself. After that, SMILE!

4. I am the maker of my own thoughts. I can choose to have a negative perspective of my life, myself, my hobbies and loved ones. Within myself I’ve got the power to shape my outlook on life. Why not choose to look at the world with a loving, caring and hopeful perspective?

5. Everything will sort itself out eventually. This does not have to be explained. With that said, this may take time, effort and motivation, but everything in life will work out the way it’s meant to work out. Trust.

6. Nature. Go for a 5 minute walk in the forest, on the beach or the lake. Wherever you feel most comfortable. Do not bring any technology, simply keep with you a journal and a pen. If the weather is nice find somewhere to sit and write down whatever you are hearing…. Birds, the wind, people chatting, waves crashing to shore, the stream of water flushing along the stones. Redefine what you consider beautiful.

7. You aren’t alone with not having life figured out. I’m 18 for christ sake, I’m not suppose to have my life figured out, nor do I want to. There is nothing wrong with changing what you are interested in from one second to the next. This phase in your life is about making mistakes and learning from them. This phase is about figuring out when to leave your comfort zone, and when to say within the safe walls. In other words, don’t sweat the small stuff.”

Photo by Martine

Photo by Martine

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